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Albert shines at Buttons

October 04, 2010 at 1:06 PM

I went with the Carter family to watch a Racing For Buttons karting event at the PFi circuit near Grantham, which is a European standard Kart track.

Well being a professional race engineer, I have worked in a lot of formulae and with a lot of drivers including everyone from gentleman drivers up to world champions. Therefore I’m not easily impressed, and in any case I went to PFi not as an engineer but as a friend, but I couldn’t help notice that this little kid can really drive. I had seen him before at his other home in the US, on a wet test day somewhere in Florida, but this was the first time ‘in competition’.

Now when the kid’s Dad is Andy Carter, it begs the question; is it the machinery? Well I was impressed to see that it wasn’t the Kart, because I observed the speed trap on the main straight and there were many quicker Karts than his. He was also on old tyres so it wasn’t just speed from new rubber. Where his speed comes from is from corner turn in through apex, and this affects exit speed and therefore also the speed onto the next straight.

Furthermore he is super smooth with it, these are the fundamentals of going fast, the things that you just can’t teach to some drivers, and he has them, and hes 7!

Watch out for this kid!

Eddie Corr
Race engineer - Williams F1

B Eng